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Monday, June 27, 2016


I am in total love with the age my children are right now.  They are growing in to 3 very different, unique humans and my heart just almost explodes daily.  They are pretty much self-sufficient but they all still need their Momma.  All 3 of them still ask mine and Loren's permission if they want to do something and accept that a lot of the times the answer is going to be "no". That doesn't mean they don't pout or get their feelings hurt.... heck I still pout (just ask Loren).   I can carry on a conversation with them about pretty much anything.   They don't have much in common with one another and that is totally okay.  But one thing, and the MOST important thing they have in common is their love for JESUS. We never have to make our kids go to church.  They are always ready.  They have a passion for church that I did not have at their ages.  I am completely satisfied with them not having a wall full of academic and athletic awards (however those are nice). But in reality, those are "wordly riches" and I am more focused on their "true riches".   I saw all 3 of them stand last night in church to proclaim their knowledge of the age they were when they were saved.  If that doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will.

One of my children asked Loren and I last week what would happen to all of the people who never accepted Jesus as their savior.  Our answer was that they would go to hell.  Plain and simple.  The next question for us was "How do we fix that?"...... this led to a dialogue that I will tuck away in my heart forever.

My prayer is not that the world be prepared for my children..... but that my children be prepared for the world.

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